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Quercus timber can supply all your timber needs. From fence posts to oak beams, wooden flooring and cladding.

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Timber supplies from trees felled in the Southwest

Quercus timber merchants are based in the heart of rural southwest England. We are passionate about wood and timber supply.  Devon and Cornwall are home to mile after mile of woodland and hedgerow. We mainly mill timber that has fallen or needs to be felled for safety. Our timber is almost always from local trees (unless stated otherwise).

We continue to develop Quercus Timber in a sustainable way, We work to minimize our effect on the environment and aim to be a positive influence by ensuring we plant more trees than we fell (or have fallen).

We can supply most UK species of wood but please do contact us as our stock is continually changing. You are welcome to collect your order from us in West Chilla, just north of Okehampton / east of Holsworthy.  Alternatively, we can deliver to the southwest (subject to a delivery fee).

Please do feel free to use the contact form to let us know what your after, we welcome all enquiries.

timber supplies for the southwest
Quercus: From Proto-Italic [kʷerkus] assimilated from Proto-Indo-European *pérkus ~ *pr̥kʷéu- (“oak”). Compare Old Norse fýri (as in fýriskógr (“pine-wood”), Punjabi ਪਰਗਾਇ (pargāī, “holm oak”).

Whether you are building a green oak extension, a larch balcony or a beech coffee table, our Devon Sawmill can supply all your timber needs.


We buy and sell timber across the southwest UK. If you have trees that need removing we pay top money.

More than just a timber merchant...

In addition to timber supply, we offer a complete milling service from our timber yard on the Devon & Cornwall border.

We welcome all enquiries so please do contact us

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Committed to Sustainability
A Truly Sustainable Material

According to the British Woodworking Federation, over 90 per cent of the wood we use in the UK is from forests in Europe, which are growing by 661,000 hectares each year. This shows that timber really is a readily-available resource that we're not going to run out of any time soon

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Service Matters
Devoted to Customer Service

Whatever your communication with Quercus Timber we assure you of a polite and friendly service. We also offer a premium service where we can get more involved with your project.

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seasoned & green timber
We Are Proud Of Our Product

In most cases, the timber we supply ends up as a kitchen, a door or a table. No matter what our timbers are stored and treated with love. We can deliver across the southwest or you can collect from our yard near Holsworthy.

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Timber Supplies

Quercus timber can provide all your timber needs. From fence posts to oak beams, wooden flooring and cladding.

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Felling & Removal

If you have a tree that has fallen or needs to be removed please give us a call.  We are always looking for trees to buy.

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Milling & Cutting

We can offer a full milling service, cut your timber to size, plain your boards and even tongue and groove for you.

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No matter if you are buying a single piece of timber, or we are buying trees from you, you can always be assured of our friendly & helpful service.

timber supplies and clearing for the southwest

There is no doubt that a thing made of wood is a thing of beauty.  The character of an oak framed building, the elegance of larch cladding or the grace of a maple table everyone loves a genuine wood finish.

More than just good looking...

Quercus timber can supply all types of UK species of timber.

We welcome all enquiries so please do contact us

Slide 1 - Ash
ash timber
'Fraxinus excelsior'

One of our most beloved trees. Ash is one of the most common trees in the UK, but as ash dieback sweeps through, is it set to be erased from our countryside?

Slide 2 - Beech
ash timber
'Fagus sylvatica'

Monumental, majestic, home to rare wildlife. Beech is an enchanting species and known as the queen of British trees. To wander beneath the leafy canopy, its cathedral-like branches spreading upwards, is an awe-inspiring experience.

Slide 3 - Cedar
ash timber

Stately, aromatic, gigantic. One of the most majestic of all planted trees with its layers of branches and grey-green foliage, cedar is part of the enduring landscape of some of our grandest estates.

Slide 4 - Douglas Fir
ash timber
'Pseudotsuga menziesii'
Douglas Fir

A fragrant home for wildlife, the Douglas fir isn’t just for Christmas. First introduced in the 1800s, it’s been a valuable timber source and provided homes for the likes of red squirrels and pine martens.

Slide 5 - English Oak
ash timber
'Quercus robur'
English Oak

The ruling majesty of the woods, the wise old English oak holds a special place in our culture, history, and hearts. It supports more life than any other native tree species in the UK; even its fallen leaves support biodiversity.

Slide 6 - Larch
ash timber
'Larix decidua'

A spring-time show-off, European larch is a conifer full of surprises. Introduced over 400 years ago, it’s a favourite with squirrels, birds and moths alike.

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& Gates

Fence panels, 5 bar gates, post & rail fencing, whatever you need we got it.
Fences & Gates

& Skirting

The beauty of a hardwood floor adds an extra level of luxury to any home.
Flooring & Skirting


Quercus timber can supply wainy edge or planed and treated cladding
timber Cladding

Green Timber

We love to get involved in green timber frame projects, please do get in touch if you are planning one.
Green Timber Frame

Beams &

Timber-framed buildings look amazing with beautiful exposed beams, show your frame with pride.
Beams & Structural


Sometimes a project requires a piece of timber that has extra character.
Character Pieces

& Garden

Quercus Timber can offer decking planks or finished & treated.


Building a kitchen or a coffee table? Give us a call we are happy to quote.
Furniture Grade

Our timber supplies are from trees that are storm felled or tress that require felling for safety. Always grown in the southwest and sold in the southwest. We also plant as many trees as we can.

sustainable timber supplies for the southwest
timber merchants in devon

Kitchen at Hay Meadow Farm

Ashwater, Devon

Contact Us

Whatever your project, if it is made of wood, we would like to hear from you. Drop us a line, you are assured of a friendly helpful response.

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